Tsunami L.A.

A massive earthquake near the Mariana Trench causes a tsunami, which rolls across the Pacific Ocean, gathering steam en route to its destination: Los Angeles.

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On a routine shark-tagging expedition off the coast of Los Angeles, university researcher JAMES RIDER and his team discover a sharp increase in shark activity. He reports his findings to his superiors, but no one can understand the sudden uptick.


Two days later, hundreds of miles off the coast, an underwater volcano erupts, taking out a US military submarine in the process. The gigantic eruption causes a tsunami, which rolls across the Pacific as it heads towards Los Angeles.


On land, animals begin acting strangely. Horses in the Malibu Canyons refuse to take to the trails. Birds seem to flock inland. And soon, the ocean recedes for miles, signaling the oncoming tsunami.


The tsunami gathers steam as it approaches Catalina Island, a popular vacation spot for Los Angelinos. James recognizes the signs of impending danger, and calls his wife CAROL to warn her to take their son OLIVER to the highest place they can find. But Oliver is with some friends at the Santa Monica Pier, in the direct path of the tsunami.

The tsunami hits Catalina Island. It lifts a cruise ship to the crest of its powerful wave before hurling it over the island. Thousands of people are killed as the tsunami swallows the island.


James gets in touch with Oliver and tells him to run as fast as he can away from the pier. Oliver obeys. James and his team return from the sea and scramble to get as far inland as possible. But news of the tsunami has Los Angeles in a panic. Traffic chokes the streets.


Looters take advantage and break into stores on Rodeo Drive. LAX is evacuated as the tsunami continues unstoppably along its path.


Oliver manages to make it to a skyscraper in West Los Angeles, where he waits for James and Carol. The tsunami hits the coast. Long Beach, Santa Monica, and Malibu take a beating. At LAX, a 747 airliner is thrown over the 405 freeway and spins end over end across Los Angeles before the massive quarter-mile high wave engulfs it and everything around it.


James begins his journey to reunite with Carol and Oliver. But the tsunami has brought with it a terrifying surprise: vicious, agitated man-eating sharks, which prowl the submerged streets of Los Angeles.


Tsunami L.A. is an action-packed disaster epic in the tradition of such classics as The Day After Tomorrow and 2012, with amazing visuals sure to thrill worldwide audiences.