A former MMA champion is caught fixing fights, putting him in the crosshairs of a notoriously ruthless gangster called Delgado.  

Gary Daniels as David



Ready For Delivery

Tijuana, Mexico


DAVID GORAN (Gary Daniels) is a former MMA champion whose girlfriend EVA owes the mob a ton of money. They have fled to Mexico, where David makes a living as a fighter, but is forced to fix fights in order to send the mob money to repay Eva’s debt.

 David still has formidable ring skills. He dispatches a fighter one night in the Octogon, and makes a killing on the fight. But it’s still not enough to repay the mob. Eva begs him to stop fighting, but he loves her too much to make her go at it alone. That night, David decides to attend an underground fight with the hotel bellhop, an aspiring heavyweight fighter named RAMIRO.

 At the club, one of the fighters challenges David, but he refuses to indulge him. David and Ramiro pound shots all night long, and David wakes up in Ramiro’s house. He staggers to the hotel only to learn that the fighter he beat the night before has turned up dead. And he’s the primary suspect. Hotel security officers attempt to detain him and a massive fight and chase ensues.

 David evades capture and goes to Ramiro’s house. Ramiro tells him that his face is all over the news. Two local cops work the case, and are frustrated by the presence of a Federal cop, AGENT FONSECA, who believes the murder can be tied to an elusive, never-seen crime boss named DELGADO. Delgado has recently moved on from narcotics trafficking and now makes a killing in the world of MMA and underground fights.

 David receives a phone call from Delgado, who has kidnapped Eva. He must fight upon command in order to secure her freedom. David follows directions to a makeshift arena and faces a burly underground fighter. He wins.

 He is told to report back whenever ordered to do so. In between fights, he takes to the streets to search for Eva. But Fonseca is on his trail, and now the mob has arrived in Mexico looking for him and Eva. Everywhere he goes, he must fight off thugs and cops in his effort to find Eva and unravel the mystery of her kidnapping. After one of his confrontations, he retreats to Ramiro’s house, and realizes just in time that Ramiro is one of the people behind her kidnapping. He kills Ramiro and gets a call from Delgado. It’s time for another fight. The mob, led by a mean brute named RAMPAGE, kidnaps him on the way to the next fight, putting Eva’s life in further danger.

 Meanwhile, Agent Fonseca and the local cops find another dead body. The local cops want to pin the murders on David, but Fonseca is beginning to believe there’s more to the story than he realizes. Ultimately, David gains Fonseca’s trust as he heads to the last fight, a brutal match against a gigantic and rested opponent.

 But freeing Eva still leaves Delgado to deal with, and David teams with Fonseca to unmask the identity of the elusive crime lord. Rumble is an action-packed race against time, featuring wall-to-wall fight scenes, chases and shoot-outs. 

R. Ellis Frazier
R. Ellis Frazier
Executive Producer: 
Richard Rionda Del Castro
Patricia Eberle
Justin Nesbitt
Marty Murray
Benjamin Budde
Director of Photography: 
Jorge Roman