Red Squad

Fed up with red tape and bureaucracy, a DEA Agent rounds up a crew of mercenaries and takes on a Mexican drug lord.

Anticipated Cast:
Nicolas Cage
as “Martin Crane”
John Travolta
as “Trent Mitchell”




Start Date:




After a sure-fire narcotics bust goes horribly wrong, resulting in exactly zero arrests, DEA Agent TRENT MITCHELL (John Travolta) has had enough. For years, he has chased a drug lord named DAVID “DIAMANTE” PELAYO, only to be outsmarted at every turn.

Worse, the DEA turns on him, and won’t allow further investigation. Against their orders, he tracks down his informant, a police chief in a small island community called Los Rojos, Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, Diamante and his men are on to the police chief. They make his murder a very public affair.  

His replacement is LENA MENDEZ, a woman with equal parts beauty and fearlessness. After Lena dresses him down for putting her chief in danger, Trent returns to El Paso to lick his wounds and come up with a new plan to take on Diamante.

His first stop is a federal prison, where his old buddy MARTIN CRANE (Nicolas Cage) is set for release. Years earlier, while in the DEA, Crane avenged his family who were killed by the cartels. The DEA left him to rot in jail, and he’s anxious to do anything that might piss them off.

Going after Diamante on his home turf of Puerto Rico is not a two-person job, so they assemble a team. MARCELES, RINEAU, FRANCESCA and HUNTER comprise the mismatched crew, each chosen for their various skills and levels of expertise.

They kidnap Diamante’s accountant and press him for details about the empire, knowing that to truly hurt Diamante they have to go after his money. The cartel hits back, leading to a spectacular shoot out and chase through the desert. Their exploits attract the attention of the DEA and a United States security contractor named FAIRBANKS, who abducts Crane and Trent. Crane and Trent fight their way out and return to Los Rojos to finish what they have started.

Movies simply don’t get more exciting than “Red Squad.” Directed by Alexander Witt and David Sardi whose flair for action make for an entertaining adventure in which good triumphs over evil and an unlikely hero emerges and inspires. “Red Squad” also features the triumphant re-teaming of screen icons Nicolas Cage and John Travolta.

Alexander Witt
David Sardi

Richard Rionda Del Castro
Moshe Diamant

Executive Producers:
Patricia Eberle
Michael Tadross, Jr.

Jorge Suarez
Cam Cannon
David Sardi

US $25 Million

World Sales Representation:
Hannibal Classics