Rain Fall

In Tokyo, a minister of public works is rumored to be taking evidence of corruption to a reporter: the CIA, the yakuza, and others want to grab the information and use it to squeeze the government. On the subway trip to meet the reporter, the official is murdered, but it looks like a heart attack. However, no one, including the murderer, can find the flash drive with the evidence. Now the CIA, gangsters, and the city police are searching. The dead official’s daughters are in danger: the shadowy John Rain, ex-special forces and perhaps now in league with North Korea, tries to stay one step ahead as he looks for the flash drive and protects one of the daughters.



Standing before the surveillance video wall of the Tokyo bureau of the CIA, chief officer William Holtzer (Gary Oldman) is closely monitoring the moving images of John Rain (Kippei Shiina), who flips open his cell phone in the subway to induce a heart attack in Yasuhiro Kawamura, a senior official at Japan’s Construction Ministry.


Kawamura is the third Japanese politicians killed by Rain recently.  Rain is a half-breed assassin who specializes in killing his victims and making it look like they did of natural causes.  He once belonged to a special forces unit of the US army before settling in Japan.  His life in Tokyo is isolated from the rest of the world except for the owner of a seedy club who delivers assignments to him.  The mission seems to be unsuccessful, however, Kawamura doesn’t carry the memory stick when he dies.


This unfound memory stick, which contains irrefutable evidence of corruption in the Construction Ministry, has sparked off a series of killings orchestrated by Holtzer, who wants to have control over the information in order to manipulate the Japanese government.  He directs his team to exterminate Rain because Rain betrayed the US government and has the memory stick to be sold to the enemy.  On the other hand, Yamamoto, a well-known fixer in Japan’s political scene and also the head of Yakuza, will pay any price to stop Holtzer or anyone to lay his hands on the memory stick.


Rain is requested to do another hit on Kawamura’s daughters, which breakes on of his rules-killing a woman.  In a jazz nightclub, Rain tracks the older daughter of Kawamura, Midori (Kyoko Hasegawa).  He cuts to the chase and tells Midori that her life is in danger.  Her skepticism subsides when Holtzer’s asset enters her dressing room with a knife.  Rain takes him out, and the two are on the run.