Partners In Action

Jack Cunningham is an ex-cop who attempts to uncover a drug ring involving some corrupt former co-workers. When Jack is framed for murder, a young teenager decides to help Jack prove his innocence. Now the two must run from the law and the dirty cops.

Armand Assante
Doug Smith
Larry Day
Mpho Koaho
Alex Karzis
Joseph Scoren
Shannon Lawson






JACK (Armand Assante) is a security guard, 40 years of age who has lost his wife and son in an auto accident and has turned to the bottle in an attempt to fill the emptiness in his life. One day he witnesses a drug deal that goes wrong and is framed by a dirty cop. TONY SEPIANZA for the murder of his partner. Acused of killing a cop, Jack is forced to run and must prove his innocence. TEDDY (Douglas Smith) a precocious 16 year old boy finds and hides Jack in his basement unbeknownst to his mother KAREN who is Teddy’s substitute father, a hero cop, killed in the line of duty. Now it is up to Teddy to hide Jack until they can figure out what to do. But with the police and the drug dealers on their trail, hiding becomes not only dificult, but also dangerous. Teddy does a great job keeping them safe, but the two will not beable to hide forever. With time running out, Jack calls his long forgotten friend and ex-partner, TINY PETE, who is still on the force. Tiny tries to figure things out but becomes suspicious of Jack and then later learns that other cops may be involved. In a dramatic showdown at Teddy’s house Tony, the drug dealers and Captain Spiotta try to ultimately capture Jack, but with the help of Karen and Teddy, the murder and cover up is solved. Tiny Pete arrests the Police Captain and Tony. As the bad guys are taken away Jack hugs Teddy and looks to Karen as his new love interest.

Sidney J. Furie
Richard Rionda Del Castro
Gary Howsam
Jamie Brown
Executive Producer: 
Patricia Eberle
Martin J. Barab
Juan Mintilla Eslava
Jim Reeve
Steve Robbins
Timothy Prager
Richard Rionda Del Castro
Julian Rodd
Director of Photography: 
Curtis J. Peterson C.S.C.