After being busted for a heist, a former CIA contractor is sent to a Mexican prison. His former CIA boss offers him freedom if he can break into the prison vault and steal $50 Million.

Dolph Lundgren as Jack



Ready For Delivery

Tijuana, Mexico
Rosarito Beach, Mexico


JACK (Dolph Lundgren) is a former CIA contractor who now oversees a team of elite thieves. One night in a small Mexican town, they flawlessly execute an intricate heist. It appears as though they have gotten away with the heist and are on the way to a lucrative payout, when the Mexican authorities suddenly nab them.

When the authorities bring them in, Jack finds himself face-to-face with AGENT PRICE, his former CIA handler. Agent Price informs Jack that he’s being sent to La Muerte, a high-tech, impenetrable fortress.

No mere prison, La Muerte operates as a “black site” for high profile detainees from Mexico’s war against the Cartels. No one knows where it is…or that it even exists, and those who enter do not leave the facility alive.

Price informs Jack that the vault in La Muerte contains $50 Million owned by CAPITAN, North Mexico’s most infamous Cartel kingpin. He offers Jack his freedom, in exchange for the money in the vault.

Jack agrees.

But before breaking out of La Muerte with the money, he must first break his team into the prison.

Complicating matters is Capitan himself, who sends in waves of thugs and assassins to the facility to protect his money. This results in a clash with Jack and his team, which in turn sparks a massive prison riot.

With time running out and La Muerte under siege from Capitan’s crew, Jack and his team are pinned down in the chaos, forced to fight their way out.


Featuring wall-to-wall action and a fresh, original concept, Larceny is a sure to be a hit the world over.

R. Ellis Frazier
R. Ellis Frazier
Justin Nesbitt
Geoffrey Ross
Executive Producer: 
Richard Rionda Del Castro
Patricia Eberle
Danny Roth
Michael Tadross, Jr.
Damiano Tucci
Daniel Zirilli
Benjamin Budd
Scott Windhauser