I Am Wrath

I Am Wrath is an intense action-thriller featuring one of the biggest movie stars in history at the top of his game.

John Travolta as “Stanley Hill”



Unemployed engineer STANLEY HILL (John Travolta) returns home from a job interview in California. His wife VIVIAN picks him up at the airport, and the two go to celebrate over dinner.

Yet fate intervenes when three thugs, CHARLIE, NATHAN and VINCENT, attack them in the parking garage. Nathan cracks Stanley over the head as Charlie stabs Vivian in the chest. The thugs escape in a getaway car and take off into the night. Vivian dies in Stanley’s arms. Racked with guilt over his inaction, Stanley withdraws from family, including his daughter, ABBIE. He cannot even find the strength to stay for the entire funeral.

Miraculously, the police catch a break in the case and call him to the precinct to view a lineup. Charlie stands in the lineup with five similar-looking gangsters, and Stanley misidentifies him. He realizes his error and pinpoints Charlie. But it’s too late. Stanley is perceived as an unreliable witness.

Crushed, he goes to see DENNIS, an old friend who now runs a barbershop. Dennis has already done some research and knows everything about Charlie and his cohorts. Stanley, it turns out, has an extensive military background; he is a trained killer. Most of his guilt stems from his failure to take action despite his training.

Dennis outfits him with some weaponry, and Stanley pays a visit to Vincent. To his astonishment, he finds it all too easy to kill Vincent and destroy the evidence. Dennis re-trains Stanley as they plot to find and kill Charlie and Nathan. Stanley tracks down Nathan at a bar; however, the ambush does not go as planned and a foot chase ensues. Stanley loses him. Nathan doubles back on him, but as he moves in for the kill, Dennis appears and saves Stanley’s life.

Two down. One to go.

But Charlie is different than his buddies. He’s more powerful, connected to a local drug kingpin named LEMI. Lemi’s power stretches beyond the streets; he has a popular government official in his pocket, Senator MESERVE who is running for reelection. Killing him won’t be easy, so Dennis convinces Stanley to make it a two-man job.

They kill Charlie in a crowded club, and while it satisfies his grief, it doesn’t quench his newfound thirst for justice. He now knows that Charlie was protected by the highest reaches of government, and he will stop at nothing to make things right.

Chuck Russell

Richard Rionda Del Castro
Michael Mendelsohn

Paul Sloan