Crimson Blues

A cop in San Diego discovers a link between the murders of several known junkies and drug dealers.<br><br>While his colleagues write the string of murders off as a gang war, he believes it’s something more sinister.

Crimson Blues

Thomas Jane
Laurence Fishburne
Drew Van Acker
Glenn Plummer


R. Ellis Frazier

Start Date – December 2019

Delivery Date:
October 2020

Distribution US :
Saban Films


EDDIE BRAUN (Thomas Jane) is a blues-loving, honest detective in San Diego. When he’s not clearing the streets of gangbangers and drug dealers, he can be found at local blues bars playing his guitar. Eddie has worked for years with a man named JAMES TILDEN. Tilden is more than a partner; he’s a mentor and family friend who also worked with Eddie’s dad. After leaving Tilden’s retirement party, Eddie chases down a street hustler, only to find out it’s his old friend AJ (Glenn Plummer). Eddie and AJ were once thick as thieves, but their lives diverged when Eddie became a cop and AJ became a junkie. But there’s still love between them. 

Meanwhile, in the mountainous Southern California desert, a shack doubling as a meth-lab explodes in flames.

 Eddie goes into the office the next day, where LIEUTENANT SCANLON introduces him to his new partner, MARVIN BROUSSARD (Drew Van Acker).. Broussard is Eddie’s opposite in every way. A devout Christian, soft-spoken, a stickler for the rules. As they patrol the streets they pass a convoy of police cruisers speeding to the scene of a crime, which prompts Eddie to whip the car around to follow them. 

The scene of the crime is a blacktop basketball court, where Eddie is crushed to see AJ hanging from the hoop, dead. While on the scene, Broussard quickly gathers that Eddie rubs Detectives ROSETTI, FOY, FERGUSON and GARCIA the wrong way. Back at the station, Scanlon rejects Eddie’s request to handle the case. Broussard starts to learn why the other cops don’t like Eddie. Years earlier, Eddie was a whistleblower, exposing corruption within the department. As a result of his actions, his own father was forced into early retirement. A decorated cop named Harry Mills (Laurence Fishburne) was at the center of the scandal that got his dad fired, but was never formally implicated. 

Eddie secretly continues working on the case, and believes he has established a connection between AJ’s death and the destruction of the meth lab. He utilizes every street-level contact he has in searching for the truth, including the suave and ruthless gangster named TOFFEE. One by one, dealers and junkies continue to die. Eddie finds that the closer he gets to the truth, the greater he risks his life. He and his partner both survive ambushes, but Eddie continues on, undeterred. 

What he eventually uncovers is a scandal that threatens to bring down his own department and shatter his few remaining relationships within the police force, including his uneasy relationship with Harry Mills – whom he suspects is the ringleader. 

“Crimson Blues” is a fun and action-packed murder mystery that will have audiences guessing until the very end. Featuring a return to form from one of the great action icons of all times, it’s spectacular entertainment in the vein of such classics as “Training Day” and “Street Kings.”