In a world ravaged by disease, he’s the only cure… and the last hope for human-kind.

Christopher Lambert
Lou Diamond Phillips
Kelly Brook
Ron Perlman

Sci-Fi / Thriller





The world has recently emerged from the effects of a devastating new disease that has ravaged half the population of planet earth.  Neurological Degeneration Syndrome (NDS) has spread across the globe when a previously unknown virus was released — a product of mankind’s continued destruction of the rainforest.

It was not until a scientist discovered a drug called Absolon that the disease was stopped.  Although Absolon does not cure NDS, taken every day it arrests the porogress of the disease.  The only problem is that the plant Absolon grows only in one place in the world…the rainforest.  And, with the forest being destroyed there is only a limited amount, which gives new meaning to the process of supply and demand.  Only productive members of society will survive — those who can afford to buy enough Absolon.  Everyone else will succumb to the effects of NDS.  The crisis worsens when the inventor of Absolon is found murdered.  In an attempt to redeem some control, police detective Norman Scott (Christopher Lambert) is assigned to the case.

His investigation leads him to discover that the scientist had indeed found a cure for NDS…a cure that would make taking Absolon obsolete.   This would mean the termination of the world’s largest and most powerful company, United Pharmaceutical run by Alan Murchison (Ron Perlman).

What ensues is a deadly chase where United Pharmaceutical henchman, Richard Walters (Lou Diamond Phillips) attempts to destroy Scot, who has the only dosage left of the cure in his body.  Now Scot must dodge Walters and enlist the help of a woman named Claire (Kelly Brook), whom he hardly knows, as he completes his mission to save our future population.

David Barto
Richard Rionda Del Castro
Gary Howsam
Jamie Brown
Executive Producer: 
Jim Reeve
Steve Robbins
Juan Montilla Eslava
Lewin Webb
Brad Mirman
Evan Landis
Director of Photography: 
Unax Mendia