USSI Survivors and Their Relatives Give Their Blessing to Filmmakers

Michael Emery’s uncle, William Friend Emery, was one of those who didn’t survive. The family now treasures the Super 8 film they have showing the man who was lovingly known as “Billy” just before he went on his first and last mission at age 19.

Indianapolis Captain Charles McVay sent a handwritten letter of condolence to Billy’s father.

“(He was) saying that he actually knew my uncle, standing watch on the bridge, being part of N-division, but also saying I didn’t know what happened to your boy, but I knew him well before the ship sank,” Emery said.

On Wednesday, Emery was able to meet with the cast and crew of U.S.S. Indianapolis: Men of Courage and share his uncle’s story. The film has been shooting in and around the Mobile area since June 18.

He said having that opportunity reassured him that Billy’s story and that of so many others is in good hands.

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