Tokarev Release Announced in Several Foreign Territories!

Several of our international distributors have announced that they will be releasing Tokarev theatrically in the coming months! Nicolas Cage stars in the riveting action-thriller as Paul Maguire, a reformed criminal whose quest for revenge for the murder of his daughter turns up nothing but violence and dead ends. Until finally, Maguire makes a startling discovery that shatters his world pits him against the Russian mob. Rachel Nichols, Peter Stormare, Max Ryan, Michael McGrady and Pasha Lychnikoff co-star with Cage. Rounding out the incredible cast are several newcomers whose performances in the film promise future stardom, including Aubrey Peeples, Max Fowler, Jack Falahee and Patrice Cols.

Territory by territory release info can be found below. Check back here for more updates as they become available.

India – Anurish Media – 500 Screens – April 2014 Release Date

Spain – Inopia Films – 150 Screens – June 27, 2014

Romaia – Prorom Media – 26 Screens – January 2014 Release Date

Australia – Eagle Entertainment – June 18, 2104 Release Date

Africa – Sabido – May 16, 2014 Release Date

China – Star Alliance

Japan – Klockworx

France – Marco Polo Production – June 2014 Release Date

Middle East – Eagle Films

Latin South America – California Filmes

Turkey, Greece – Tanweer

Poland – Monolith

Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines – Yellow Brick

Israel – United King Films

US – Image Entertainment – May 9, 2104 Release Date

Germany – Ascot Elite – April 28, 2014 Release Date

Bulgaria – A Plus Films – April 2014 Release Date