The Heroic Veterans Who Inspired Nicolas Cage’s Upcoming USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage: Inside Their Brave Story

People magazine ran a great aricle for VETERAN’S DAY showcasing our upcoming film USS INDIANAPOLIS: MEN OF COURAGE.

It was a role he had prepared his entire life to play, so when Matt Lanter heard that the incredible story of the USS Indianapolis was finally being made into a movie, he knew he had to be a part of it.

“There’s been scripts floating around for 20 years, but when this movie got the green light I told my agent, ‘Let’s make sure to keep on this,’ ”

Lanter, 32, tells PEOPLE. His grandfather, Kenley Lanter, was one of just 317 crewmen to survive the sinking of the USS Indianapolis, widely considered the worst Naval disaster in U.S. history.