Jason Patric & John Cusack Join Bruce Willis and 50 Cent in “The Prince”

Casting on the action film “The Prince” continues, as announced in The Hollywood Reporter.

Jason Patric (“Narc”, “The Lost Boys”) will star in “The Prince” as Paul, a family man who travels cross country to find his missing daughter. John Cusack (“Con Air”, “2012”) has also joined the cast as Sam, one of Paul’s oldest friends. Paul’s past as a mob enforcer complicates his mission, and he calls on Sam to help find his daughter. Hot on his trail is a feared gangster named Omar (Bruce Willis), who seeks revenge against Paul for a crime committed years earlier.

South Korean pop star Rain (“Ninja Assassin”) has also joined the cast as Omar’s henchman.

Budgeted at $18 Million, “The Prince” will begin filming in December in Mobile, Alabama.