Hannibal proudly presents the International trailer for USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

The wait is over.

Hannibal Classics has spent many years working on the most ambitious independent film of 2016, USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, and today we are proud to present the first International trailer for the film. 

Academy Award Winner Nicolas Cage stars as Captain McVay, the captain of the doomed WWII heavy cruiser, the USS Indianapolis. After completing its top secret mission to drop off components of the atomic bomb, the USS Indianapolis crossed the Philippine Sea without an escort. The I-58, a Japanese submarined helmed by Commander Hashimoto of the Imperial Japanese Navy, spotted them and fired six torpedoes into the ship.

The USS Indianapolis sank in a matter of minutes, leaving survivors in the water for days on end, awaiting rescue. Desperate for rescue. Desperate for a miracle.

Please enjoy the trailer and share it with your friends, and check back here for more exciting news from Cannes.