Hannibal Classics and John Luessenhop to open “Midnight’s Door”

Hannbal Classics is proud to announce its next feature, the mind-bending thriller Midnight’s Door. We are excited to collaborate with John Luessenhop, who will direct the film from a screenplay by Kirsten McCallion. Hannibal’s Richard Rionda Del Castro will produce the film with Luessenhop.

Midnight’s Door is a passion project for John Luessenhop, the director of the global hits Takers and Texas Chainsaw 3-D. The film is a fun and inventive thriller in the vein of American Psycho and Memento about a slick and successful young advertising executive who has it all, but battles nightly with bouts of insomnia. Over the course of 36 sleepless hours, he uncovers a shocking truth about himself that he has kept secret from the world.

Filming is set to begin in Birmingham, Alabama this winter. Check back here for more updates, including casting news!