Gulfport Man Has Opportunity to Portray Grandfather in USS Indianapolis Movie

A movie about the U.S.S Indianapolis is in the works in Mobile and a local Gulfport man has an opportunity to portray his grandfather in the movie.
News 25’s Kristen Durand shares the story of local World War II veteran Granville Crane as he remembers his days spent stranded in the South Pacific.
Floating through shark infested water, not knowing if rescue is on the way: that’s how WWII Navy veteran Granville S. Crane felt after his ship, the U.S.S. Indianapolis, was struck by a Japanese torpedo.
“So, I stayed in the water for five days and during this time, we had to fight sharks. We had to fight people going out of their minds, you know, and it was a terrible ordeal,” said Crane.
Miscommunication left the men wondering if help would ever come but thankfully, five days later, an airplane pilot spotted the soldiers and sent for help. Of nearly 1200 soldiers aboard the U.S.S Indianapolis, Crane was one of 317 survivors. “Our admiral came and, we were in the hospital and in a cot and he said ‘I’m going to give every one of your survivors a Purple Heart, which is the highest Medal of Honor in the Navy. It’s been hectic ever since. We have nightmares, afraid some shark is going to get a hold of us,” Crane said.
A movie based on this tragedy at sea called ‘U.S.S. Indianapolis: Men of Courage” is in the works in Mobile. Crane’s grandson, Johnny Crane, knew he wanted to be a part of it. “We found out they were filming it, they let the survivors know and when I found I just tried to say ‘hey, can I have any part in it.’ You know, just as family, it’s our family history. We’re very proud of my grandfather,” said Johnny Crane.

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