Cody Walker in USS Indianapolis

EXCLUSIVE: Cody Walker, who helped Universal Pictures get Furious 7 back on the road following the tragic death of his brother Paul Walker, has landed his first significant feature film role as an actor. Cody Walker, who looks very much like his sibling and stood in for him in F7, has landed a major supporting role in USS Indianapolis. That is the film Mario Van Peebles is directing with Nicolas Cage starring as Captain Charles McVay, the commander who struggled to keep his men alive after their boat–on a secret mission to deliver parts of the atom bomb Little Boy that was dropped on Hiroshima–was hit by a torpedo and sank in 12 minutes. Most of its men were eaten by sharks as they waited four days for rescue. Richard Rionda and Hannibal pictures are producing and Mike Mendelson is involved as a producer. Of the 1196 on the boat, only 317 survived. The tale was told memorably in Jaws.
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