Cannes News: USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage sells to Saban Films!

Hannibal Classics is pleased to announce that Saban Films has purchased domestic rights to the gripping WWII epic USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage!

Nicolas Cage stars as Captain Charles Butler McVay, who helmed the USS Indiananapolis on its mission to deliver the atomic bomb. After completion of the mission, the great battleship was spotted by Commander Hashimoto, a Japanese submarine commander. Hashimoto fired six torpedoes at the USS Indianapolis. Only two hit their target, but that was more than enough.

The ship sank in a matter of minutes, killing nearly 300 of the 1,196 men onboard. The remaining men plunged into the sea, where they awaited rescue for five days. While in the water, they battled thirst, hunger, and relentless man-eating sharks.

To make an appointment with our sales team in Cannes or to inquire about available territories, contact Kristy Eberle.

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