Anchor Bay to Distribute “Touchback” in US!

Hannibal Classics is excited to announce that Anchor Bay Entertainment has acquired the North American distribution rights for “Touchback,” starring Kurt Russell, Brian Presley, Melanie Lynskey, and Christine Lahti. Writer-Director Don Handfield’s powerful and emotional family film centers on Scott Murphy (Brian Presley), a down on his luck farmer who believes his life would have turned out differently if he hadn’t suffered an injury fifteen years earlier in a state championship football game. When he’s granted a chance to go back and relive the week leading up to the game, his coach (Kurt Russell) and his mom (Christine Lahti) help him to realize that his life is better than he thinks, with or without the injury that destroyed his football career.


“We are very proud of Don Handfield and the entire cast,” says Richard Rionda Del Castro, adding, “The film is upbeat and inspirational, and we are ecstatic to once again be in business with Kevin Kasha and his team at Anchor Bay. We have no doubt they will nurture the film and help it to find the audience it so richly deserves.”


Early screenings of the film have been met with enthusiastic response from audiences, who crave films that inspire and entertain. Check back here for more news regarding the North American release of “Touchback.”