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The Heroic Veterans Who Inspired Nicolas Cage's Upcoming USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage: Inside Their Brave Story

People magazine ran a great aricle for VETERAN'S DAY showcasing our upcoming film USS INDIANAPOLIS: MEN OF COURAGE.

It was a role he had prepared his entire life to play, so when Matt Lanter heard that the incredible story of the USS Indianapolis was finally being made into a movie, he knew he had to be a part of it. 

"There's been scripts floating around for 20 years, but when this movie got the green light I told my agent, 'Let's make sure to keep on this,' "

Gulfport Man Has Opportunity to Portray Grandfather in USS Indianapolis Movie

A movie about the U.S.S Indianapolis is in the works in Mobile and a local Gulfport man has an opportunity to portray his grandfather in the movie.
News 25’s Kristen Durand shares the story of local World War II veteran Granville Crane as he remembers his days spent stranded in the South Pacific.
Floating through shark infested water, not knowing if rescue is on the way: that’s how WWII Navy veteran Granville S. Crane felt after his ship, the U.S.S. Indianapolis, was struck by a Japanese torpedo.

USSI Survivors and Their Relatives Give Their Blessing to Filmmakers

Michael Emery’s uncle, William Friend Emery, was one of those who didn’t survive. The family now treasures the Super 8 film they have showing the man who was lovingly known as “Billy” just before he went on his first and last mission at age 19.

Indianapolis Captain Charles McVay sent a handwritten letter of condolence to Billy’s father.

“(He was) saying that he actually knew my uncle, standing watch on the bridge, being part of N-division, but also saying I didn’t know what happened to your boy, but I knew him well before the ship sank,” Emery said.

Vintage Plane Waterlogged

Beachgoers at Orange Beach on the Alabama Gulf Coast got a surfside view this week when a vintage Navy PBY plane used during filming of USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage landed offshore and began to take on water. No one was injured and the pilot and co-pilot were rescued safely. Production on the movie, which stars Nicolas Cage, Thomas Jane, Matt Lanter and Tom Sizemore, was halted temporarily during efforts to save the flying boat that ultimately broke apart during salvage operations.

USS Indidanapolis Film Shooting on the USS Alabama

 ‘U.S.S. Indianapolis, Men of Courage’ are now shooting scenes on the Alabama Battleship.  Director Mario Van Peebles is using the battleship as a stand-in for the World War II Cruiser U.S.S. Indianapolis.

The movie will tell the story of the sailors who were left to survive the sea, thirst, hunger and shark attacks after their ship was sunk by the Japanese.  Producers say they chose to shoot here partly because of the Alabama.

Click Here for the Rest of the Story.

Movie Star Leaves Lasting Impression in Orange Beach

Film actor Nicolas Cage caused quite a stir while filming part of the movie “USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage” in Orange Beach over the last couple of weeks. Fans were able to capture the star in photographs but David Walter was able to capture something else. “We have his hand prints and they will be installed in a pyramid reef along with a granite plaque with his name.”

A little piece of Hollywood left in Orange Beach. Click Here for Full Story.




Filming for the USS INDIANAPOLIS: MEN OF COURAGE started in Mobile in July.

The cast and crew have been shooting for a few weeks. 

Check back for updates and link to press articles covering our great film.

Nicolas Cage meets a man of courage

On Tuesday, a movie star and a war hero met on a Bienville Square bench.

After filming a scene for the WWII disaster movie "USS Indianapolis:Men of Courage," Nicolas Cage sat down to chat with one of the actual men of courage: Navy veteran and Alabama native Richard Stephens, 88.

Stephens is a survivor of the 1945 sinking of the USS Indianapolis, the cruiser that delivered the atomic bomb to the South Pacific island of Tinian where it was retrieved by the plane that dropped it on Hiroshima.

Cody Walker in USS Indianapolis

EXCLUSIVE: Cody Walker, who helped Universal Pictures get Furious 7 back on the road following the tragic death of his brother Paul Walker, has landed his first significant feature film role as an actor. Cody Walker, who looks very much like his sibling and stood in for him in F7, has landed a major supporting role in USS Indianapolis.