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Red Squad

In his youth, PETE ARNOLD was a Navy SEAL in an elite unit he and his brothers-in-arms called The Red Squad. But times have changed, and the Red Squad has gotten older and drifted apart. Pete’s buddy RAYMOND VARNER is a DEA Agent, and their friend ADRIAN “RUFF” RUFFINSKY is in prison. As for Pete, he’s a bitterly divorced small town cop in south Texas.


One night on a stakeout, he arrests a man named JOSEPH ALVAREZ for solicitation of a prostitute. But a routine, small time bust sets off a chain reaction that will change his life forever.


The day after the bust, Varner and Ruff wheel into town. Ruff has just been released from prison. Varner tells Pete that Joseph is his confidential DEA informant, and that he needs Pete to release him. Joseph, it turns out, is the chief of police in a small town called Los Rojos, Mexico. Los Rojos is a hub of cartel activity, and Joseph had secretly been working with Varner to bring down the cartel. They head to the jail in the middle of the night to let Joseph out, only to be attacked by a group of armed thugs. A huge shootout erupts in the police station parking lot, and the leader of the thugs, RAMON, kills Varner before kidnapping Joseph.


Embarrassed that he wasn’t able to stop the murder of his friend, Pete tells his boss, CHIEF JOHNSON, that he’s going after the killer. Chief Johnson won’t allow it because of jurisdictional issues, so Pete decides to take a vacation. He and Ruff head to Los Rojos, Mexico with a young cop named AIDAN.


Los Rojos is two towns, really. Along the coast, it’s an exclusive resort catering to the super-rich. But a bit further inland, it’s a struggling, desolate community stricken with poverty. Ramon brings Joseph to see the man who seems to run the town, a drug trafficker named DAVID “DIAMANTE” PELAYO, who proceeds to savagely murder Joseph. When young police officer LENA MENDEZ arrives at work the next morning, she finds Joseph’s body splayed out in the jail cell. Hours later, she bravely volunteers to replace Joseph as chief of police.


Pete and Ruff arrive in Los Rojos and quickly track down Ramon in one of the resort casinos. Pete confronts him, and is escorted off the premises. They head to the town to talk to Joseph, only to learn of his unfortunate death. Lena begs them to help fight Diamante. Finally, Pete agrees to help out, but their mission won’t be easy. They call in a small team of mercenaries from all over the world to take on Diamante and his army. Diamante doubles-down and reveals his own political connections in the US, putting the entire Red Squad in serious jeopardy. 


Featuring exciting action, humor and heart, “Red Squad” is sure to satisfy worldwide audiences hungry for slick, fast paced entertainment. 

Production Details


Richard Rionda Del Castro
Micheal Mendelsohn

Patricia Eberle
Timothy Patrick Cavanaugh
Cam Cannon

Jorge Suarez



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