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Ratchet & Clank

The Solana galaxy is in a state of panic! Three planets have been destroyed under mysterious circumstances. But is the destruction being caused by natural phenomenon? Or are more sinister forces at play?

The answer lies deep inside the memory banks of a small robot named Clank, who has just escaped the clutches of Drek, the villain behind the destruction.

Clank flees to warn the Galactic Rangers, but crash-lands on a remote planet. There, he meets an orphan named Ratchet. Desperate to escape the mundane life of a starship mechanic, Ratchet offers to take Clank to warn the Galactic Rangers.

Ratchet is no stranger to the Galactic Rangers, having failed on numerous occasions to join their ranks. But upon their arrival to the planet Kerwan, Ratchet heroically rescues their leader, Captain Qwark and a cute ranger named Cora. His heroism catapults him to something resembling celebrity status, and Qwark asks him to join the ranks as a Galactic Ranger. A dream come true for mischievous Ratchet.

Qwark leads Ratchet and the other rangers in a raid on Drek’s robot factory on a mission to apprehend the villain. They manage to arrest Dr. Nefarious, Drek’s chief scientist. Dr. Nefarious reveals Drek’s secret weapon, the Deplanitizer.

Clank grows wary of Qwark, who seems to be jealous of Ratchet’s celebrity status. Sure enough, Qwark sabotages the mission, resulting in the loss of the planet Novalis. Dr. Nefarious escapes. All seems lost.

Ratchet exiles himself on a distant planet. Clank and Cora find him and convince him to help them defeat Drek. He reluctantly joins them for one last assault on the Deplanetizer.

It won’t be easy. Nefarious and Drek are determined to carry out their plans. And without Qwark’s help, their task will be much more difficult.

Based on the video game series that has sold 25 million units worldwide, “Ratchet & Clank” is a high-flying, hilarious adventure for the whole family. Featuring characters already beloved in the video game community, “Ratchet & Clank” is a must-see adventure. 

Production Details

Kylie Ellis
Brad Foxhoven
David Wohl

Richard Rionda Del Castro
Michael Hefferon
Kevin Munroe
David Sheldon

TJ Fixman

Jerrica Cleland

3-D Animated Action-Comedy, Family

In Production